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Rules And Regulations

  • Children must reach the school in time. The absence should be intimated to the class teacher through application signed by the parents or guardian. In case of illness and leave for more than 2 days, a medical certificate must be attached along with the application.
  • Students who reach late to school and absent themselves without intimation will be fined Rs 5/- per day.
  • All damage to the school property must be paid for by the students found responsible for causing the damage.
  • Students must come in neat and clean uniform. Buy uniform from the authorized shop and it should be tailored according to specifications laid down by the school.
  • Shoes must be well polished.
  • Student’s personal cleanliness is very essential and this includes well trimmed and clean nails, neatly brushed hair, clean teeth and eyes.
  • Girls must not wear any jewellery, no mehndi and nail paint should be applied.
  • Girls must tie their hair neatly in two plaits using green ribbons.
  • Children should carry their nutritious tiffin boxesand Should avoid bringing money.
  • Boys with shorn hair must support a simple hair cut.
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones to the school.
  • Students should not use the abusive language in the school campus. Strict action will be taken against the students, if found any.

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